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United States of America

Why were we there?

  • Natural disaster


Our work

Hurricane Sandy

  • Hurricane Sandy thrashed the United States’ east coast on 29 October 2012, causing massive destruction and displacing many residents.
  • Despite the government’s comprehensive emergency response, Médecins Sans Frontières found that medical services were lacking in two key areas: evacuation centres and apartment blocks in New York and New Jersey.
  • Many elderly, disabled or chronically sick people were confined in high-rise blocks without electricity, water or access to their medicines.
  • Working with information provided by local community groups and other organisations, Médecins Sans Frontières staff also visited people in their homes to address their health needs. The main goal was continuity in medical care, as the vast majority of patients had chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and upper respiratory tract infections.
  • Pharmacies were damaged and closed, so teams identified pharmacies in neighbouring communities that could provide the necessary medicines. Médecins Sans Frontières handed over activities to government agencies and other organisations.


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