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Refund Policy

Any request for refund of contributions already donated to Médecins Sans Frontières Australia (MSF) by a donor will be considered and determined on a case by case basis. Refunds will be returned to the bank account originally debited.

When a request for a refund is received, an assessment of the reason given for the refund request will be undertaken by a member of the Supporter Relations team. The following reasons will usually be considered favorably:

  • An error has been made by MSF;
  • A donor's banking details are fraudulently obtained and used;
  • MSF has received a donor's details in error;
  • A donor has previously requested that regular debits be cancelled, however the debits have continued.  The refund will be to the maximum of the last debit amount unless a donor can provide proof of the original cancellation request;
  • MSF may refund on grounds on financial hardship – however this will be to the maximum of the last debit amount.

Where a situation does not fit into the above criteria the Supporter Relations Manager will consult with the Head of Fundraising to resolve the matter.

In all instances MSF will not refund past the previous tax year, unless there are special circumstances that are agreed with the Supporter Relations Manager and/or the Head of Fundraising.

If a donor is not satisfied with the outcome of the decision to refund, a further request can be escalated to the Head of Finance and Administration by letter or e-mail.

If the issue is still not resolved to the satisfaction of a donor the issue may be further escalated to the Executive Director. The Executive Director may, depending on the nature of the complaint, also utilise other resources, both internal and external, to assist in the resolution of the issue.  However in all cases every effort will be undertaken to resolve the issue internally.

Depending on the nature and possible financial implications of the refund issue, staff members nominated in this process may decide at their discretion, but with notification of other members, to escalate immediately to the Head of Finance and Administration or the Executive Director.

If it is agreed that a refund is to be made a donor will be refunded within five working days of the decision.