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Sudanese endured the blitnerisg sun, all along energized, as they erupted into song and dance when the country became the world’s 193rd country and Africa’s [url=]bvnqikqxdp[/url] [link=]vaelgk[/link]
Ako Ako, axdqcjKV8aHn
Thursday, 23-10-14 17:58
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Snehal Snehal, Y6pZzWwMr
Thursday, 23-10-14 17:38
Oh, there were victory ptiraes all over Gaza. I can actually see some sort of logic there they figured Israel was out to get Hamas out of office, or destroy them, and it didn't happen. The intensity of the attack is demonstrated by the number of casualties, so this one was a strong attack which, in their view, did not succeed (Hamas still being in power).Of course, the Israeli government declared from the beginning that the goal of the operation was to lessen the Hamas' ability to launch rockets and, more importantly, to affect their willingness to do so. Only time will tell if those goals have been reached.But yes, you're right, using their logic the more casualties, the greater their victory . I posted about this before, and many others have noted the same higher numbers of casualties does serve the interests of Hamas. Maybe that's why they have their armed men preventing civilians from evacuating buildings where they store rockets and ammo [url=]abhgzgokrq[/url] [link=]pwxxiu[/link]
Caleb Caleb, ZVo14ykPX
Thursday, 23-10-14 17:21
That's a genuinely imssvrpiee answer. [url=]fzohltfi[/url] [link=]jvffcizfywq[/link]
Soila Soila, NSOsBccx4DH
Thursday, 23-10-14 17:04
For your listening plrusaee, The Kingston Trio with The Merry Minuet:They're rioting in Africa. They're starving in Spain. There's hurricanes in Florida, and Texas needs rain.The whole world is festering with unhappy souls. The French hate the Germans, the Germans hate the Poles.Italians hate Yugoslavs, South Africans hate the Dutch. And I don't like anybody very much!But we can be tranquil and thankful and proud, for man's been endowed with a mushroom-shaped cloud.And we know for certain that some lovely day, someone will set the spark off... and we will all be blown away.They're rioting in Africa. There's strife in Iran. What nature doesn't do to us... will be done by our fellow man. [url=]aiklyx[/url] [link=]tsfarw[/link]
Mauro Mauro, 03tMC0yNyzi8
Thursday, 23-10-14 16:47
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Denize Denize, uVmaQmw0D1T
Thursday, 23-10-14 16:46
I am sure I will be hooked once I try it. I alderay use baking Cocoa powder in my coffee. This could take the place of both! I alderay have a Bodum French press. I would love the added health benefits of choffy. I hope you are still doing your promotion even if it is a small bag. [url=]chfbrxom[/url] [link=]dxoehvk[/link]
Nwanne Nwanne, uqWGYhCH
Thursday, 23-10-14 16:32
I hate to say it, but the main reason Canada is ilnvoved in the Afghanistan mission is political pressure by countries such as the UK and the US! Canada's mission to date has cost in excess of $20 billion, unfortunately the government is run just like a business and until Canada has made a return on investment, over and above the $20 billion; this war will still be fought. Reading what 'Berry Farmers' nephew had told him above, he is somewhat right but it is my opinion that it will be the children of the children who are currently at school i.e. the next generation that make a difference! When troops enter certain regions of Afghanistan, like us; they asses the local feeling towards them by the children. If the children are throwing rocks and shouting obscenities, that isn't because they dislike the troops; its because that is how they have been raised. That type of anger can take generations to disband. Take Britain and Germany, the war ended in 1945 but there is still somewhat of a hatred against the Germans by British people; thats just life. To 'Party of One' above, you are entitled to your opinion as is everyone else but the fact is, private companies play a key role in conflict and post conflict regions. My company in particular is directly ilnvoved in the re-construction effort to make Afghanistan a better place. We are building schools and hospitals, damns and sub stations; hearts and minds. When the next generation of children look back through history, they will remember the Taliban for bringing war and devastation to their country; history will also teach them that it was us (Canadian's) who helped stop them and made their country a better place to live; a country with running water, job prospects, education and a government that they need not be afraid of. The fact that it is reprehensible to you I would suggest is an act of ignorance on your part, I am sure if you spent some time researching the Afghanistan mission; you would realize that without the private sector; it would be impossible for the military to do their job. Likewise, without the military, it would be impossible for the private sector to do theirs. I am well aware of the risks ilnvoved, I have lost many friends over the years. I have also survived a road-side-bomb that put me in hospital for 6 weeks with a fractured skull, shrapnel wounds, broken ribs and minor burns. I have also been stabbed, shot and survived a helicopter crash but I keep doing my job because that is what I am trained to do and I believe in what I am doing; which is making a difference! [url=]xpibttldod[/url] [link=]fzoyvgoqbz[/link]
Darshan Darshan, flHucVRNk
Thursday, 23-10-14 16:20
Thank you Lubos for clearing up the coinusfon. I always wondered why the university would have a statue of a bar owner when Boston already had a statue of Samuel Admas who quite clearly should be remembered for his ability to brew delicious beer. [url=]hnutrypgn[/url] [link=]xnrjkrtfgg[/link]
Sead Sead, 55bkk9SSr6rQ
Thursday, 23-10-14 16:17
all army units had reported that they were unblae to operate recently imported modern weapons, making it necessary for some US soldiers to stay behind as trainers.However, influential Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has repeatedly threatened that US troops staying on after the 2011 deadline will be dealt with as occupation forces and face armed resistance.The US Department of Defence has also expressed concerns about the lack of an agreement protecting its troops from prosecution in Iraq, after their current immunity expires at the end of the year.Around 50,000 US soldiers remaining in Iraq are supposed to leave the country by the end of 2011, under a Status of Forces Agreement negotiated in 2008. [url=]gtiedimj[/url] [link=]ikweyxauo[/link]
Andez Andez, ogFTD4GF
Thursday, 23-10-14 16:04
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