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It is great to hear the difference people can make for others. We all have skills that can assist others in need and your story motivates me to find ways to do more for others in need. All the very best Steve for taking time to make a difference.
Wendy Wilkinson, Warragul
Thursday, 30-04-15 12:46
Thanks for your courage Steve - going from the great place we live in to jump in the deep end and provide basic needs for people who are suffering so much.
Danielle Scott, Newcastle, NSW
Thursday, 30-04-15 11:07
Wow, what a heart warming story. Fantastic work Steve - great to see you working in this challenging but obviously rewarding space. I can only hope that the compassion shown to Syrian refugees in Iraq could be replicated here in Australia.
Jennifer Kent, Sydney, NSW
Thursday, 30-04-15 10:30
Good on you Tomas, keep it up!
DocAus B, WA,Aust
Tuesday, 28-04-15 19:54
Hi Roslyn,

I have heard of your work over the years and I am so proud of you. From the time we were at school together, I always knew you would do something that would make a positive difference to people lives and you are doing just that.


Eden Dietrich

Eden Dietrich,
Sunday, 26-04-15 17:53
Interested in a volunteer position.
Jane ,
Monday, 20-04-15 08:03
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mrs morgan, usa
Friday, 03-04-15 19:56
hi susanne,

after reading you and your colleagues experiences and the work you do as Pharmacist, and the services you provide, i am very interested and very thankful that there are angels such as you who do such work to help people in need. i have just completed my internship training and currently awaiting for my full Pharmacist registration license. your story has really inspired me to be a better pharmacist and to make the most of my profession as i am from Papua New Guinea and being a third world country, health services is a challenge every day. your story has truly motivated me and i thank you for sharing your experiences. hopefully one day i can join MSF and experience what you had experienced, until then, i wish you all the best and God bless

keep up the good work

jacinta wayongi, Papua New Guinea
Friday, 20-02-15 16:30
Hi Laicey,
Congrats for the noble task of uplifting the health of the less fortunate in the society. I am a medical Lab technologist from Kenya. I would really appreciate sharing experiences with a colleague in my profession like you. Soon i shall be doing the AIMS professional exam this march as i focus on joining MSF australia to do this amazing job. Kindly get back to me and we shall share more.
meshach wambua, Nairobi-Kenya
Saturday, 14-02-15 07:18
How I wish to work with you in saving people's life. I like MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERS most among all Malawi's NGOs.
Michael Nanga, Zomba-Malawi
Thursday, 15-01-15 07:58
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