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Dear David
I would like to talk to an appropriate doctor in your group about a research project to control Ebola.
Noel Campbell
Noel Campbell, Australia
Sunday, 24-08-14 09:09
By next may I will have completed my medical lab technician training and I am very interested in volunteering as a Medical Laboratory Technician for Medicine without borders. Can you offer me any advice?
Trudy Seeley, Montreal, Canada
Thursday, 08-05-14 06:18
Dear Laicey,
I am inspired by your related experience and have wanted to do something as worthwhile all my life and now at the zenith of my career feel having the necessary life skills to "have a go".
Europe has already assessed my EOI and in May will attend an MSF recruitment interview.
I would really appreciate communicating with you further on these matters.
BTW I am a PathWest Regional Branch SIC.
Best Regards,
Luc Delhaize, Carnarvon WA
Thursday, 03-04-14 21:44
Dear Ashley,
just the fact that MSF exists and selfless people like you are working bravely to bring healing and respite to those who are suffering, makes it possible to hope. Thank you for your sacrifice.
Linda Marion, Melbourne, Australia
Tuesday, 18-02-14 22:31
Hi Ashley
Thanks so much for your post and your dedicated work caring for the people of the CAR. My daughter is currently studying nursing, then wants to pursue medicine and OBGYN training (GAMSAT study at this point). She would love to work at some stage for MSF. Thanks also for your courage in some rather scary times. Thinking of you and hoping you and your colleagues remain safe. Amanda Rosenfeld
Amanda Rosenfeld, Brisbane Australia
Tuesday, 18-02-14 07:22
Thanks for your efforts in CAR. Without MSF and people like yourself the situation would be so much worse. Well done and I hope the conflict resolves soon.
Daniel ,
Monday, 17-02-14 20:54
Thank you Amanda for your care, compassion and courage. My thoughts are with you and your colleagues and the people of Central African Republic. Stay safe.
Colleen Rendell, Brisbane
Monday, 17-02-14 20:37
Hi Ashley thanks for your update from the field. I hope that you are doing ok over there. I have been trying to write something for ages and everything sounds so inadequate. I don't know you but I know that you are brave, selfless and a true hero. Good luck I am thinking of you and the nameless people of these conflicts who deserve such a better life. Peace be with you Amanda xx
Amanda ,
Monday, 17-02-14 20:23
I commend every one that has contributed to doctors without borders, you are absolutely amazing .
For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to help the organization in any way possible , I am graduating with a diploma in Biomedical technology, and trying to meet the requirements to join , and when I do , I will surly be seeing you guys soon !

An inspiration to all . . . .
Denika Govender, South Africa
Thursday, 06-02-14 05:21
I was data entry operator in the Nchelenge MSF-Holland HIV/PROJECT.I will need David Murray the nurse from Australia to contact me
George Chambeshi, Lusaka
Saturday, 28-12-13 21:31
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