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“It is normal to feel some kind of fear when you enter the isolation area for the first time”

Michel Van Herp is a Médecins Sans Frontières epidemiologist currently working on the Ebola...

Médecins Sans Frontières resumes activities in Ebola centre in southeast Guinea

On Thursday, Médecins Sans Frontières resumed activities in a treatment centre in Macenta,...


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World Health Assembly: Médecins Sans Frontières and DNDi call on Member States to include in the resolution on Chagas disease access to diagnosis and treatment in primary healthcare


The resolution, ‘Chagas Disease: Control and Elimination’, to be adopted by the World health Organisation (WHO), is a step in the right direction but should not focus only in prevention.

Médecins Sans Frontières calls attention to continuing dangers faced by survival migrants and refugees in South Africa

South Africa / 13.05.10

Johannesburg, South Africa, 13 May 2010. International humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières is today expressing grave concern for the health and lives of thousands of survival migrants and refugees entering and...

Global vaccine drive facing acute crisis


New Oxfam / Médecins Sans Frontières report examines why

Victory for access to medicines as Valganciclovir patent is rejected in India


5 May 2010, Geneva/New Delhi - International medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières welcomes the decision by the Indian Patent Office to reject the product patent it had previously granted to pharmaceutical...

Healthcare façade in Turkmenistan putting lives at risk

Turkmenistan / 14.04.10

Turkmenistan’s outward show of health and prosperity to the international community is masking a dangerous public health situation as the existence of infectious disease is denied, medical data is systemically manipulated and...

Médecins Sans Frontières denounces the sexual violence against migrants on their way to Europe

Morocco / 31.03.10

The Moroccan Government and EU countries must address the needs of victims of sexual violence.

New York donor conference: As needs remain, Haiti must be given capacity to ensure access to medical care for its population

Haiti / 31.03.10

Port-au-Prince / New York, 30 March 2010 – While the majority of the Haitian population is still extremely vulnerable, the UN donor conference to be held in New York on 31 March must not take measures that would limit the access...

DRC: Armed Congolese soldiers enter Médecins Sans Frontières hospital in Hauts Plateaux, South Kivu, and remove wounded patients

Democratic Republic of Congo / 18.03.10

Médecins Sans Frontières demands that all parties to the conflict respect medical structures.

DRC: Thousands of displaced civilians trapped by conflict, wounded unable to reach hospitals in Hauts Plateaux, South Kivu

Democratic Republic of Congo / 12.03.10

Médecins Sans Frontières calls on all armed groups to respect the safety of civilians and allow them access to healthcare.

NATO Statement Endangers Patients in Afghanistan

Afghanistan / 12.03.10

International medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières, strongly objects to a recent statement made by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen in which he implies that NGOs should be the “soft power”...

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