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Australia must go beyond a financial pledge and join the US led international response to fight Ebola

September 17, 2014 – Médecins Sans Frontières Australia (Doctors Without Borders) has today called...

Médecins Sans Frontières opens two Ebola treatment centres in DRC

Médecins Sans Frontières has opened two treatment centres in response to the Ebola epidemic raging...

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ABC PM: Médecins Sans Frontières call for international response to ebola outbreak


The United Nations is warning that the pace of ebola infection in west Africa has accelerated. Paul McPhun is the Australian executive director for Médecins Sans Frontières. So far, he's been underwhelmed by the international...

Category: Media

ABC News Radio: Médecins Sans Frontières slams 'lethally inadequate' response to Ebola outbreak


Executive Director of Médecins Sans Frontières Australia Paul McPhun joins NewsRadio Breakfast to discuss the international response to the spread of the disease.

Category: Media

SBS Radio: Ebola epidemic unprecedented and unmanageable: MSF


Médecins Sans Frontières has criticised the international community's response to the Ebola outbreak gripping west Africa. Executive director of Médecins Sans Frontières in Australia, Paul McPhun, spoke with Santilla...

Category: Media

Medical Journal of Australia: Life education on the front line


Dr Alan Hughes spends his semi-retirement in some of the world’s most under resourced health hot-spots, delivering babies, repairing fistulas and saving the lives of women giving birth in the most difficult of conditions.

Category: Media

Project Manager: Michael Seawright - the humanitarian project manager


When Michael Seawright trained as a marine biologist at the start of his career, he could hardly have imagined he would end up leading nutrition projects in South Sudan as a project coordinator for Médecins Sans Frontières...

Category: Media

Medical Observer: A life-changing mission


The call came out of the blue. Having only recently been accepted into Médecins Sans Frontières, I was expecting to wait a few weeks until I was placed.

Category: Media

Foreign Correspondent: Into the Hot Zone


The deadly haemorrhagic disease Ebola, has wiped out whole villages in Sierra Leone. At the frontline are teams of doctors, nurses and health workers - including Médecins Sans Frontières psychologist, Malcolm Hugo.

Category: Media

Sun Herald: Ebola's enduring legacy of trauma


Before he enters the makeshift hospital wards at Sierra Leone's Ebola treatment centre - the largest of its kind in the world - Malcolm Hugo spends several minutes dressing for the job.

Category: Media

The Sydney Morning Herald: Médecins Sans Frontières steps up recruitment drive


Anaesthetist Jenifer Reynolds' most recent Médecins Sans Frontières' placement in Yemen had its challenges and rewards, she says.

Category: Media

SBS Radio: Thousands facing famine in South Sudan


Médecins Sans Frontières Project Coordinator, Michael Seawright, has just returned from Malakal in South Sudan and spoke to Santilla Chingaipe.

Category: Media
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