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Finance / HR / Administration

All our projects require competent personnel to support the medical staff and keep activities running from an administrative perspective.  As the person responsible for project finances, human resources and administration you will undertake one of the most diverse and challenging roles within a Médecins Sans Frontières team.
Your skills in cross cultural human resource management and communication will be important, as your role requires supporting both international and local staff. You will also be responsible for project accounts, cash management and security, budget control and financial reporting.  You will liaise with local authorities and service providers in relation to all project finance and human resources issues. You may also be part of the country management team, contributing to discussion and decisions around project direction.
Finance/HR/Administration positions are based either in the capital city of countries in which Médecins Sans Frontières operates, with regular visits to field projects in order to better understand the local context and provide effective support to the field-based teams, or in field projects themselves.


  • Compliance with Essential Criteria for all potential Field Workers
  • Minimum 2+ years professional experience in one or both of the following:
  1.  Accounting, budgeting, financial planning, financial control, financial reporting OR
  2. Human Resource Management and policy principles in areas such as recruitment, performance management, staff payroll, tax, labour law 
  • Ability to work as part of a senior management team, including project planning responsibilities
  • Available to work infield for a minimum of 12 months


  • Knowledge of financial and reporting guidelines of major funding institutions
  • Ability to understand and function in different legal environments
  • Available for longer-term commitment of 18 months or more (over several field placements)
NOTE: Individuals recruited in this capacity may be required to undertake internal training prior to their first field placement. The course outlines specific finance, human resources and administration policies, procedures, tools and software used by Médecins Sans Frontières in the field.