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Mental Health Specialists

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Our mental health specialists work in both emergency and longer-term program contexts. Different program contexts require different skill sets. You may work with victims of sexual violence or support people suffering from the consequences of conflict or a natural disaster. You may coordinate a support program for people living with HIV/AIDS and/or TB.

Your capacity to recruit and train local mental health workers, and adapt tools to local cultural needs/contexts will be important.


  • Compliance with Essential Criteria for all potential Field Workers
  • Post graduate qualification (Masters or comparable level) in Clinical Psychology, Psychiatric Nursing, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Social Work or Medicine plus specialisation in Psychiatry
  • Minimum 2 years clinical experience (post qualification; internships not included) in a multi-disciplinary setting treating patients with psychotherapeutic and/or counselling methods
  • Experience with a range of psychotherapeutic methods/approaches such as systemic, cognitive-behavioural, psycho-dynamic, client centred
  • Experience in mental health issues associated with at least one of the following: trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, sexual violence, HIV/AIDS, TB or other chronic disease
  • Experience in developing psycho-educational tools and/or ‘train the trainer’ courses/tools
  • Available to work infield for a minimum of 9 months


  • Competent to diagnose and treat psychiatric patients according to best practice (within limitations of candidate’s specific profession)
  • Experience with traumatized migrants, internally displaced people and/or refugees
  • Experience with short-term therapy
  • Experience across the full scope of mental health care provision for adults, adolescents, children
  • Experience with individual, family and group counselling
  • Experience in community-based psycho-social or trauma focused programs
  • Experience in adapting recognised and accepted therapeutic techniques in consideration of local cultural contexts
  • Experience with adherence counselling and/or patient education for chronic diseases

NOTE/ Mental Health applicants must complete a questionnaire in addition to the standard application requirements. Candidates' CV and questionnaire will be reviewed & validated by an MSF Mental Health Technical Advisor prior to an interview being offered. 

 Download the questionnaire here.

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