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Recruitment Interviews

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Where we are working

Information evening Perth

Wed 14th May, 6.30pm. Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, Seminar Room, 100 Roberts Rd, Subiaco

Interviews take place in several major cities in Australia and New Zealand, usually linked in with our Recruitment Information Evening calendar.  However, depending on the timing of your application it may be six months to a year between our visits to your closest city.  You may prefer to come to Sydney for an interview. Unfortunately Médecins Sans Frontières is not able to support any costs incurred.  Depending on your background, a technical test may be required as part of the interview process.  If you have French language skills, we may ask you to undertake an assessment.  The assessment is solely to help us understand your language level and will have no bearing on the interview outcome.

Médecins Sans Frontières uses a competency-based interview approach, facilitating recruitment consistency across our offices worldwide. Interview candidates will be asked to provide specific examples of situations they have been involved in which demonstrate the knowledge, skills, experience and/or behavioural characteristics we seek.  The interview process typically takes 1.5-2 hours (excluding technical assessments).

Note that a successful interview does not guarantee a field placement.  The recruitment and selection process also requires appropriate outcomes through reference, health and criminal record checks. It is also possible that Médecins Sans Frontières may need to review a candidate’s status at the pre departure preparatory course or later during the placement/departure process. 

Candidates who wish to be considered for our July pre departure preparatory course need to be interviewed by mid May.

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