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Alarming humanitarian situation as conflict escalates

Escalating fighting in South Sudan is exposing civilians to widespread violence and severely...

Irbid activities scaled up due to increasing health needs of Syrian refugees

An upgrade to provide complicated deliveries including C-sections and improved neonatal care has...


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Ebola: “To create awareness among a population, you must listen”


Creating awareness is a key component of the response to an Ebola epidemic. It is impossible to eradicate the disease without the population’s support and changes in people’s behaviour. In Guinea, dozens of Médecins Sans...

Cholera in Mozambique: A Worrying Situation


Cases of cholera have been recorded in Mozambique since last December, but the epidemic has quickly expanded in the month of February, infecting about 3.500 people and killing 37. In the westernmost Tete province, currently the...

Initial results with experimental Ebola drug show positive effect for some patients


Initial results of a clinical trial of the experimental drug favipiravir suggest that it can reduce mortality among patients with low levels of the Ebola virus in their blood, but is ineffective for patients with high viral...

Malawi: Epidemics threaten survivors one month after the flood


An estimated 140,000 people affected by recent floods remain in very high need of medical services in the Nsanje and East Bank districts of Malawi, with cholera representing the most immediate threat.

Ukraine: "When the shelling starts…you just run to the closest basement"


Alyona, 24, is from Debaltseve, a heavily contested city on the frontline of the Ukrainian conflict.

Fighting measles in Yida camp, South Sudan


Since the end of November, Médecins Sans Frontières teams in the Yida refugee camp, in South Sudan’s Unity State, have been responding to a spike in measles cases that is primarily affecting the young.

Ebola crisis update: fewer cases, but weaknesses in ongoing response


Since the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was officially declared in March 2014, it has claimed more than 9,100 lives in the region. The outbreak is the largest ever, and is currently affecting three countries in West Africa:...

Catching up with Ebola


While many Ebola medical facilities are now operating across West Africa, Médecins Sans Frontières is adapting its response with mobile and reactive teams to address new chains of contamination.

Ukraine: “Most victims are hit when they’re walking down the street or waiting for the bus”


The industrial city of Gorlovka in eastern Ukraine has been under constant shelling, its hospitals are overwhelmed, and medical supplies have run out, leaving doctors to stitch up patients with fishing line. Médecins Sans...

Médecins Sans Frontières calls on the European Union to stop putting migrants’ lives at risk


Following the reported death of 300 migrants on ships that sank in the Mediterranean Sea, Médecins Sans Frontières calls on the European Union (EU) to immediately reassess its policies on migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and...

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