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Médecins Sans Frontières provides training toTunisian Fishermen to help save lives at sea

In order to increase Tunisian fishermen’s capacity to carry out rescues at sea, Médecins Sans...

The fear that follows them: providing mental healthcare for refugees in Chad

Attacks perpetrated by Boko Haram in the Lake Chad region have increased over recent weeks, and...


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Médecins Sans Frontières saddened by loss of life during Argos ship rescue


Since operations began on Saturday 9 May, 2015, Médecins Sans Frontières’ Argos ship has assisted with the rescue of 1556 people. In addition to the Bourbon Argos, Médecins Sans Frontières teams also work on board the MY Phoenix,...

The opening of Katiola maternity sector will help with childbirth emergencies


Years of instability have severely undermined Côte d’Ivoire’s health service, which now lacks facilities and trained staff, and the shortage of medical treatment available to expectant mothers and their babies has resulted in...

The launch of our newest rescue boat to help thousands crossing the Mediterranean Sea


Barcelona, June 13.- A third search, rescue and medical care boat, with teams from Médecins Sans Frontières onboard, will assist people trying to reach Europe by sea in a bid to escape war, persecution and poverty at home.

In memoriam


On Tuesday 2nd June, three of our colleagues lost their lives in a helicopter crash in Nepal.

Measles in Katanga (DRC): ‘We’re facing a genuine epidemic emergency’


The worst measles epidemic since 2011 continues to ravage the province of Katanga in the South of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) after first striking in March this year. While vaccinations have made this disease very rare...

The Invisible Wounds


Médecins Sans Frontières Colombia sheds light on how violence and conflict leads to mental health problems. Our Médecins Sans Frontières Mental Health Program Manager in Cauca, Colombia in Connect, talks to one of many who have...

Working as a Logistician for Médecins Sans Frontières


Médecins Sans Frontières interviewed Australian born Paul Yarnall about his experiences working as a logistician in Ndhiwa, Kenya. From coordinating transport, to managing supply, water and sanitation and electricity, Médecins...

Update on the resettlement of the thousands of people who fled from Lake Chad


At the beginning of May, thousands of people fled their villages on islands in Lake Chad, after Nigerien authorities urged them to leave the area following the deadly attack of Boko Haram on the island of Karamga. Below is an...

Journey of a Refugee: testimonies from refugees rescued onboard the Argos


On 13th May 2015 Médecins Sans Frontières search and rescue ship, Bourbon Argos, carried out its first mission, helping 477 people, mainly from Eritrea, off a small wooden boat. In its first two weeks of its Mediterranean...

Syria: “Bodies were everywhere - on the tables, in the hallways, on the floor”


In the afternoon of 4 June 2015, a horrific missile strike devastated a town centre in Idlib Governorate, Syria. The wounded arrived in wave after wave at a nearby small makeshift hospital that is supported by Médecins Sans...

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