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Ebola: Liberian health worker briefs the UN Security Council

Speaking from Monrovia via live video link, Liberian Médecins Sans Frontières physician's assistant...

Gaza: between relief and pessimism

With bombs falling since 8 July, the Palestinian Territory returned to a semblance of calm on 26...

Webinar: Aid Without Agenda


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Doctors on the Frontline: Bossangoa, Central African Republic


Over one year has passed since the coup d’état, and fighting between armed groups, the Seleka and the anti-Balaka, has plunged the Central African Republic into chaos. People from the town of Bossangoa and its surrounding area...

Médecins Sans Frontières provides urgently needed medical supplies to hospitals in Ukraine


Following heavy clashes this week in the Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine Médecins Sans Frontières has provided medical supplies, including dressings, bandages, syringes, antibiotics and stretchers, to three public hospitals in...

Central African Republic: A Day in the Bangui General Hospital


Over the past week, renewed clashes between Christian youths and young Muslims have led to more victims in Bangui. Some of them have been treated at the General Hospital, where Médecins Sans Frontières supports the emergency...

“We are witnessing a true ‘cleansing’ … without international or Central African objection”


Muriel Masse served as Médecins Sans Frontières' project coordinator in Carnot, western Central African Republic (CAR). Masse looks back on her mission, the changing context, the situation of the displaced Muslims gathered at the...

South Sudan: Médecins Sans Frontières rapidly scales up response to contain cholera outbreak


Médecins Sans Frontières has rapidly scaled up its response to contain a cholera outbreak in South Sudan, following growing concern over dire conditions in camps for displaced people and a worsening rainy season.

Treating survivors of family and sexual violence in Papua New Guinea


In cooperation with the local Department of Health, Médecins Sans Frontières treats survivors of family and sexual violence in Papua New Guinea.

Dr Natalie Roberts treating the wounded in Central African Republic


As soon as I got off the plane in Bozoum I was told that there had been a mass casualty event and they needed me at the hospital. The airport is about five km out of town, and every house on the way had been burnt when a wave of...

The Philippines: six months after the typhoon


In the six months since Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, teams from Médecins Sans Frontières have provided care for emergency and everyday health problems in hospitals and mobile clinics, delivered clean water and helped to...

Solomon Islands: Providing care to flash flood victims


A team from the international medical organisation Médecins Sans Frontières is providing medical care in the Solomon Islands to people displaced from their homes by devastating flash floods in early April.

Bringing high-end care to those who need it most


In the informal market of Avenida 24 de Julho, in the heart of Maputo, tomatoes burst with sun and dumpsters with wet trash. Passers-by squeeze past piles of second-hand clothes that flirt dangerously close to the brown flows...

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