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“Providing safe childbirth to Nigerian mothers”

Sivapalan Namasivay is an experienced anaesthetist. Since 2011, he has worked on several...

Afghanistan: Kunduz eyewitness - “They had just been working in the hospital to help people... and now they are dead"

Médecins Sans Frontières nurse Lajos Zoltan Jecs (photographed above in Kabul in 2013) was in...


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Stories from Ethiopian migrants in Maula prison


As of July 21st there were 270 foreigners in Maula Central Prison in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe, including 232 Ethiopians incarcerated as illegal migrants. They say they were on their way to South Africa in search of opportunities...more

Update in Nepal: Three months after two earthquakes, Médecins Sans Frontières reduces Operations


Three months after two earthquakes killed an estimated 8,500 people and injured another 20,000 in Nepal, Médecins Sans Frontières is reducing its operations. The international medical humanitarian organisation will nonetheless...more

Recovering from Cholera in Juba, South Sudan


Madeleine was one of the first patients admitted to Médecins Sans Frontières’ newly built Cholera Treatment Centre (CTC) in Munuki, Juba. Following her arrival by ambulance from a Ministry of Health facility on July 14, Médecins...more

EBOLA: “We must finish the job”


Médecins Sans Frontières response to the largest Ebola outbreak in history began more than 16 months ago in March 2014 and, despite progress made in the fight against the virus, Ebola stubbornly lives on in Guinea, Sierra Leone...more

Tanzania: Services in Nyarugusu refugee camp “stretched beyond their limits”


Australian Rachel Marsden just returned from Nyarugusu refugee camp in Tanzania where she was the emergency coordinator for Médecins Sans Frontières. Médecins Sans Frontières began activities in the camp in mid-May in response to...more

Recent stories from Refugees rescued by the Bourbon Argos


The Bourbon Argos, a search and rescue ship deployed by Médecins Sans Frontières, has been on a mission to save lives at sea since the 7 May 2015. By June, the Bourbon Argos had rescued 1,057 migrants, who were sailing in the...more

Recent stories of hardship and courage from the MY Phoenix Rescue Boat


MY Phoenix is a search, rescue and medical care boat, with teams from Médecins Sans Frontières onboard, assisting people trying to reach Europe by sea in a bid to escape war, persecution and poverty at home. Below are some of the...more

Thousands of migrants and refugees blocked in precarious conditions at the FYROM border


During the last week, the number of migrants and refugees stranded in the shrubby forests around the village of Idomeni on the border between Greece and The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) increased tenfold. Since...more

"I’m caught between two choices: long-term treatment or amputation"


Najwa, a 34-year old mother from Khan Younis. Najwa was approved for surgery and referred to the Médecins Sans Frontières reconstructive surgery clinic in Amman, Jordan. But her husband, who is her carer, was not authorised by...more

Testimonies one year on from the war in Gaza


Nadir, a 20-year old architecture student. During the war, the Israeli army shot at Nadir while he was opening a gas canister, which exploded. He has severe burns on his hands, arms, back and abdomen. He has been approved for...more

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