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In 2008, 2,465 Médecins Sans Frontières field staff were working in the Democratic Republic of Congo. $73.4 Million was spent on projects assisting the people of DRC.

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Foreign Correspondent: Democratic Republic of Congo

Foreign Correspondent
The Congo Connection.
©2009 ABC

The Congo Connection

ABC Foreign Correspondent reports from Democratic Republic of Congo

Tune into ABC 1 on Tuesday 8 September at 8pm to see how Médecins Sans Frontières patients have been caught up in ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Foreign Correspondent reporter Eric Campbell investigates claims that coltan (a mineral used to produce many of the world’s mobile phones, laptops and gaming consoles) is the new ‘blood mineral’. He visits the mines where coltan is found and where gunmen demand half the money earned by miners, many of whom are children.

His report also highlights the impact of the ongoing violence on the endangered gorilla population and, most importantly, on the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He travels to Rutshuru Hospital, in North Kivu - where Médecins Sans Frontières teams are providing essential medical assistance to the population - and talks to our patients and staff.

Intense conflict and violence continues to affect hundreds of thousands of people in the Democratic Republic of Congo. See it through their eyes in this special report.

Life of a displaced woman

Confiance Nyrabazainwa, Kitchanga.

What is life like in a camp for displaced people? Confiance Nyrabazainwa takes you to her hut in Kitchanga.

Click here to visit her hut.

Sexual Warfare in Congo

© 2009 Kate Geraghty

Sexual violence is a devastating weapon in the war-torn North Kivu.

View Kate Geraghty's special photo feature from Rutshuru.

How does Medecins Sans Frontieres assist?

© Claude Mahoudeau/MSF

Médecins Sans Frontières has worked in DRC since 1987. As well as reinforcing and expanding medical activities in the Kivu region, long-running projects continue to provide HIV/AIDS care in Kinshasa and South Kivu.

Read more.

"There is indescribable fear in everyone’s eyes"

Katharine Derderian, Field Coordinator

Katharine Derderian has just returned from the Haut-Uélé district in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where she coordinated Médecins Sans Frontières' activities.

Read her interview.

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