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Médecins Sans Frontières Australia’s constitution provides for ten members on the board. Nine members are elected at the Annual General Meeting and one is nominated from Médecins Sans Frontières France. The nine elected members are mandated for a three year term on a rotational basis. All members of the board are volunteers and are not remunerated for their work for Médecins Sans Frontières Australia.

Dr Stewart M. Condon, President

Stewart Condon was elected to the Board in May 2011 (re-elected May 2014), and was elected President in July 2014. Stewart is a medical generalist with a diploma in paediatrics. He has worked as a career medical officer in emergency departments around NSW and Queensland, and as rural medical practitioner in and around Alice Springs.  Stewart has done various field placements with Médecins Sans Frontières since 2004 in Sudan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh as a medical doctor, field coordinator and medical coordinator.  Stewart is currently Senior Coordinating Doctor-Assistance for International SOS in Sydney, and continues to support the Central Australian Remote Health team by on-call work when required.
Mr Dino Asproloupos, Vice President

Dino Asproloupos was elected to the Board of Médecins Sans Frontières Australia in May 2008 (re-elected 2011, 2013).  He was elected Vice President in July 2014.

Dino has worked and volunteered with Médecins Sans Frontières in various capacities, most recently in Athens as Project Manager, Reintegration, and as a governance consultant with the Médecins Sans Frontières International Office in Geneva.

Originally from Zambia, Dino completed his undergraduate studies and MBA in Canada.  He has worked in the Caribbean, Canada, Spain, Greece and Australia, and has managed HIV, maternal child health and bilateral projects in Myanmar, Laos and China. Dino is currently the Senior Program Manager, NHMRC Grants, at Deakin University's Population Health Research Centre in Melbourne.  

Mr Hichem Demortier, Treasurer

Hichem Demortier was elected to the Board in May 2011, (re-elected May 2014) and has been Treasurer of Médecins Sans Frontières Australia since May 2012.  Hichem joined Médecins Sans Frontières in 2004 undertaking 7 field missions with MSF France; two as administrator in Kenya and Sri Lanka and five as Emergency Coordinator in Nigeria, DRC, Jordan (2) and Lebanon.

Hichem has a Masters in management from ESCP-Europe, and commenced his career working in audit and in mergers and acquisitions.  Hichem has been managing not-for-profit programs and organizations in France and overseas since 2000.   His experience includes 5 years for the French Development Agency, 2 years with MSF and 2 years as Deputy CEO of a major French social enterprise. Hichem moved to Australia in December 2008 and currently works for the Menzies School of Health Research.

Ms Véronique Avril

Véronique Avril was elected to the Board in May 2009 (re-elected 2012). Véronique is also a member of the Médecins Sans Frontières France board and represents the Australian Board in Paris. She has been involved with Médecins Sans Frontières since 1991, mainly as logistician in Paris in 1991 and then in the field as administrator in Zaire-Rwanda in 1994 and 1995, and Ethiopia in 2008. She was the marketing director of Médecins Sans Frontières Australia in 1996 and of Médecins Sans Frontières USA in 2001. She was also a member of the audit team for Médecins Sans Frontières France in 2008.  Véronique is currently living in France and working as Project Chief in the municipality of Paris.

Ms Susanne Weress
Susanne Weress was elected to the Board in May 2012.  Susanne is a clinical pharmacist.  She has worked at the Royal North Shore Hospital, as a consultant pharmacist to the NSW Outback Division of General Practice and as an academic detailer and educator with the National Prescribing Service. She joined Médecins Sans Frontières in 2008 working in the field in Kenya and Sri Lanka.  In 2008-9 she worked on the Médecins Sans Frontières Refugee Camp in Your City awareness raising project in five Australian cities.  She was the Médecins Sans Frontières Australia Association’s NSW Network Coordinator from 2009-12.

Susanne has been a community advocate on a professional conduct committee of the NSW Bar Association.  Susanne is based in Sydney and is currently a consultant pharmacist/educator to the Western NSW Medicare Local.

Ms Katrina Penney
Katrina Penney was elected to the Board in May 2013.  Katrina is a New Zealander with a health/midwifery background and has worked in the field with MSF in Afghanistan, Nepal, Yemen and Haiti either as a nurse, midwife, hospital manager or field coordinator. From 2006 to 2009 Katrina worked in the Human Resources department of MSF Australia, her role was primarily with recruiting and placing first mission field workers. Katrina has been an associative member since her introduction to MSF and she is a founding member of the Auckland support network group, taking on the role of coordinator over the last few years.

Currently Katrina manages the Refugee Health Screening Service in Auckland, which provides both public and primary health care to all quota refugees and detained asylum seekers in New Zealand. The service is also available to any community asylum seekers with current applications for refugee status.

Ms Beth Hilton-Thorp
Beth Hilton-Thorp was elected to the Board in May 2013. Beth is a non-practising lawyer with experience in government and private legal practice. She has undertaken one field mission for MSF and has been a member of the Board’s Governance Committee since 2011. Since 2000 she has worked in international health and development assistance in varying roles for a number of organisations including not-for-profits, universities and government agencies. Prior to that Beth held a number of positions (legal, academic and in business) in Australia and whilst living overseas.

Beth is qualified in law and social work and has a BA (ANU), B Soc. Stud (Sydney), LLB, Beth is admitted to practise in the HCA and Supreme Courts ACT and NSW.

Mr Anthony Flynn
Anthony Flynn was elected to the Board in May 2014.  Anthony is a registered nurse, specializing in critical care.  He joined MSF in 2006 and has undertaken 7 field placements in sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and most recently in Papua New Guinea. As a nurse supervisor, he worked in primary health care in Northern Uganda and Ethiopia. In Chad he worked as hospital nurse supervisor. He then took on the Project Coordinator roles in Eastern Congo and South Sudan as well as Emergency Preparedness Coordinator in South Sudan. He then led the emergency team in Western Libya as the Project Coordinator and recently returned from PNG as Head of Mission/Medical coordinator for the Bougainville Primary Health Care project.

Anthony has been working casually as a critical care nurse in the major paediatric and adult intensive care units between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne until recently, joining Asthma Foundation NSW as Senior Program Manager for Information and Education.

Anthony has a Masters Degree in Social Science, majoring in International Development and is currently based in Sydney.

Dr Marianne Gale
Marianne Gale joined the board in August 2014. Marianne is medical doctor who joined MSF in 2007. Following two missions working on the Thai/Myanmar border and in Niger, Marianne joined the medical department of OCP as a medical advisor with a particular focus on TB/HIV. Based initially in Paris, Marianne later moved to join the medical unit in Sydney where she supported a range of OCP projects in Africa, the Asia/Pacific region and the Caucasus in relation to TB/HIV in children, as well as in MDR TB. She represented maternal and  child health issues on the MSF international working groups for TB and HIV, and worked closely with the Campaign for Access to Essential Medicines (CAME) on key advocacy issues.

Marianne left MSF in 2012 to undertake public health specialty training with the Australian Faculty of Public Health Medicine, and a Doctorate of Public Health with the University of New South Wales. She is currently based in Sydney and works at the NSW Ministry of Health.

Mickael Le Paih
Mickael Le Paih was nominated to the Australian Board in February 2015 as the representative of the Board of Médecins Sans Frontières France.   Mickael was elected to the French Board in May 2013 and re-elected in 2014.  Mickael has been involved in humanitarian field work (Bosnia-Mongolia-Bosnia-Haiti-Afghanistan)  since 1994 with Pharmacists without Borders.

Mickael joined MSF in 1999 and has worked as an administrator and field coordinator in Sudan, Thailand & Chechnya 2000. He worked as financial controller for the missions in the headquarter of Paris between 2001 and 2006. From 2006 until 2012 he was head of mission in DRCongo, followed by three years on HIV/TB programs in southern Africa (Malawi-South Africa and Lesotho). His last field experience with MSF was in Sri Lanka.  Mickael currently lives in Islamabad, where he is the administrator coordinator for the DG ECHO Humanitarian and civil protection office in Islamabad, with additional responsibility for  Kabul-Almaty and Tbilisi.